History and Origin of Alternative Music- part 2

In the 1990s, alternative country music was introduced to a different group of musicians. They generally demanded higher production values of the Nashville dominated industry that is world famous for its country sound and live Nashville concerts.

The lyrics of these kinds of music are bleak and are generally infused with the aesthetics of rock and roll, with the basic rules of the country music. Many of the artists of the alternative country music emerge and descend from the genre of punk and rock backgrounds.

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Ableton 11 New Features

Ableton 11 is introducing two new features that are aimed to make musicians and producers happy. After the success of Ableton 10, the new version is coming up with some impactful updates. First, Ableton 11 has introduced a new comping feature. It can provide you a perfect recording by combining your audio and MIDI recording […]

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